Love Yourself. Live With Yourself.

I’ve only lived alone for a total of five days so far but I’m absolutely loving it. Living alone to me is like the ultimate establishment of freedom. You don’t have to rely on anyone else to pay the rent, you got it. You don’t have to worry that your roommate is going to move in that 30 year old couch that her boyfriend got from the frat house. You’re the sole interior decorator. You don’t have to put pants on just out of courtesy for the rest of the house. Because, obviously, you’re the only one there! It’s just a really freeing feeling to know that everything inside the space is yours. You aren’t sharing it with anyone else and don’t have to leave room for their things. You can also take super flattering gym pics of yourself.Live Alone_2

Of course before I moved into a one bedroom place by myself I was pretty nervous. I mean who wouldn’t be? I had never lived alone before and I was moving to a new city hundreds of miles away from what I’m used to. There was the fear that I may not be able to sleep at night or that I would just sit around worrying about all the “what-if’s.” But what I’ve come to learn is that you can’t sit around and let fear cripple you into not living your life. And truly, if you just go along living life, you won’t even have time to think about the “what-if’s.” You can’t be too afraid to go sit in a restaurant alone or sit at a bar by yourself and talk to random strangers. Because sitting in your empty apartment alone every night won’t make you any new friends and definitely won’t make you any memories worth talking about.

One big suggestion, though, for people considering spreading their wings and flying solo into a nest of their own (just go with it) is to learn to like yourself first. So many people, especially females, have a hard time being alone because they just don’t really like themselves that much. Thankfully though, I think I’m awesome and I keep myself cracking up on the reg so I wasn’t worried about it at all. But the majority of everyone else, on the other hand, needs to find their inner weirdo and embrace it. Everyone has their quirks and perks and thats what makes life so interesting. I mean if you aren’t going to be you, then who is? So be true to yourself and know that you are one of a kind and enjoy your own company. You don’t need to be surrounded by your 800 best friends, or constantly connected to your 2K followers and you for dang sure DON’T NEED NO MAN (or woman for my male readers, or whomever you prefer). If your happiness is dependent on these people, then you will fall short and empty every single time. God created us for community, yes, but He didn’t create us to find our joy in other humans. He created us to find our joy in Him. And in the words of the ever, above-my-head, John Piper, “He is most satisfied in us, when we are most satisfied in Him.”

So don’t worry that you don’t have furniture to put in your place or that you don’t know anyone where you’re going. I have no couch in my living room, my TV doesn’t have a stand so it is just sitting on the ground and I have a kitchen table with no chairs. Doesn’t get anymore dysfunctional than that. But guess what? There’s no one there to judge me for it or tell me what to do! Everyone should stand on their own two feet and live in the company of themselves at least once. You learn a lot about yourself when you spend all your time with you. Love it or hate it, you have to live with who you are for the rest of your life. You might as well learn to love who God created you to be now.



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